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Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Many people believe that they can prepare their own tax returns.  With all of the different DIY tax software options out there, they are probably correct.  They will be able to produce a tax return...BUT, will it be correct?  DIY software cannot compare to the assistance of an experienced tax professional.  There are likely a number of deductions being missed simply based on the response given to a generic question.  We all know that garbage in leads to garbage out, right?  Over 75% of over 70 million taxpayers believe that the benefit from using a professional tax preparer far exceeds their cost.  Why not see what we can do for you? 

  • ​Our computer software will identify potential problems that could raise red flags with the IRS​​
  • Our software validates all mathematical calculations for accuracy to minimize correspondence from the IRS
  • ​Electronically filed tax returns allow you to get your refund back FASTER!
  • STOP giving the IRS an interest free loan!  ​We can help you adjust your paycheck tax withholdings to put more money in your pocket throughout the year.

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We prepare the following Federal and State tax forms:

Individual Income Tax (1040)

Corporate Tax Returns (1120, 1120S)

Partnership Tax Returns (1065)

Nonprofit Tax Returns (990)

Trust Tax Returns (1041)

Estate Tax Returns (706)


This is how we can help:

  • Prepare a full year of bookkeeping, if needed.  You just have to provide us with bank and credit card statements to start.
  • ​Help you establish a system that works for you!  Often times people are just overwhelmed by the thought of maintaining accurate records.  We will show you how to get started AND we will stay with you every step of the way!
  • ​Enable you to make better informed decisions about your business (or personal finances)


Business Formation and Dissolution

Whether you are starting a new business, or dissolving an old one - it is going to require A LOT of paperwork! We can help ensure that you are doing it all correctly!

  • Discuss the possible business formation options, and help you determine which one is right for you.
  • Complete all forms online for business formation:
    • ​IRS EIN
    • ​State Registration
    • State Dissolution
  • ​Complete State dissolution forms online​.